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Topic: JPM (aka Hunt bros revisited) (Read 409 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: JPM (aka Hunt bros revisited)
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Oh, maybe there IS a little manipulation in silver.
Where are all the apologies from those calling us conspiracy nuts?
jmbullion.com who-owns-most-silver-bullion-today
commoditytrademantra.com 10-year-immunity-to-jpmorgan-for-manipulating-silver-and-gold-gets-over-in-a-few-months/
sdbullion.com do-like-jp-morgan-is-doing-buy-silver-bullion
gsiexchange.com jp-morgan-cornered-silver-market

And I remember the late Bart Chilton proudly going from channel to channel proclaiming after a lengthy and exhaustive investigation, CFTC found no evidence. No matter your position on Trump, look at the motivation to get him by charging his associates and dealing with them using mafia tactics as in General Flynn and Roger Stone, having riot police squads in full tactical gear execute search warrants with television crews standing by to cover. We did not see any of that with the futures criminal activity. It tells the motivation level was wildly different when JUST US is supposed to be blind. This could easily be in the ABSURD thread.