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Temp.holding folder
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Re: Temp.holding folder
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Making something?

Re: Temp.holding folder
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That image is from a video, it is an optical illusion that makes squares A and B look like they are different shades of grey when they are actually the same. I needed that picture as a link so I could ask my friends on Tradingview if they could make their eyes and mind look past everything except those 2 squares so that they appear the same shade as each other.  It takes me about 45 seconds to achieve that but I can only hold it for a second or two before my brain takes over causing them to revert to having the appearance of one being light grey, the other dark. 

Things are not always as they appear, even when you are seeing it with your own two eyes.
"Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see"
For Entertainment Purposes Only.

Re: Temp.holding folder
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Interesting, I took another interpretation that may not have merit as I did not see the video. The primary light source is to the upper right given the shadow pattern on the vertical dowel. I expected the squares to have different looks because of the variable light intensity resulting from the dowel's shading. Right or wrong, your summary statement is wise.

Re: Temp.holding folder
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It is actually a digital image. You can block everything except the 2 squares with paper over your monitor and then you see they are the same color.
The images are at 5:10 into this video.
How your brain hallucinates your reality TED
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