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Topic: Sooner or later (Read 615 times) previous topic - next topic

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Sooner or later
It would be too easy to make this happen. Someone with real money will do it sometime if this isn't "The big one"
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Re: Sooner or later
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https://incakolanews.blogspot.com/ says its JP Morgan. He speculates the silver is being horded to pay back China.

Re: Sooner or later
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No one in the silver market is as crooked as JPMorgan and the announcement by the Department of Justice of a guilty plea by one of its former traders is the first solid connection between my allegations of the past ten years about JPMorgan and a finding of wrongdoing by a trader for the bank in COMEX silver and gold. This goes a very long way towards vindicating my narrative of the past ten years.
It's been reported by Bloomberg that the Justice Department asked a judge overseeing a civil antitrust case against JPMorgan to postpone the case for six months "to protect the integrity" of its ongoing criminal probe. This indicates that the Justice Department is serious about pursing the matter of a silver price manipulation and JPMorgan's involvement.


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Re: Sooner or later
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And nothing will become of this investigation. The whole system is rigged in various ways.