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I believe this could be a critical chart so I'm going to post it in both the gold and the silver forums (hope that is ok)

I found some harmonics on a very high timeframe -- a macro structure followed by a microstructure

when I find patterns with a macro then a micro that kind of 'repeat', I find I have much more success than just finding one harmonic alone.


Below I will just show another instance when I found a macro then a micro structure and how my prediction played out --

anyways hope it helps yall gain some perspective on where gold/silver will go

gl hf



Re: xauxag
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Chart plots silver (bars) and gold (solid red line) percentage change. It is interesting that silver is seriously lagging gold after the potential capitulation low marked by the vertical line. Silver gold ratio is at about 85, as high as I remember in recent times. The decline slope has been steeper for silver and not clearly broken to the upside. Gold with a less steep decline looks to have made a break from the down trend. I was thinking this chart would clearly show both silver and gold deviating positively from their respective downtrend lines even though silver not turning up, but not the case, so silver is not confirming the capitulation low we discussed on this forum, at least not yet. Maybe next week?

Re: xauxag
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The gold silver ratio had to roll over sooner or later:

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Re: xauxag
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I know I recently posted a GSR chart, I guess it wasn't here were it belongs.

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