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Litecoin, or LTC is becoming one of my favorite coins.
It costs  0.19$ yes, about 2 dimes, to send a lot of money from a Poloniex account.
It is relatively fast normally under an hour. Not as good as some newer tech, but very effective for the time being.
It looks to me like it could consolidate for the next few months, April possibly.  

For Entertainment Purposes Only.

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Litecoin - some info ... :)
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Hi All,

Didn't know (or think) there was a crypto forum here... :)

I've been in the metals markets for some time, and have a position with some top tier junior miners, but I also have a position in crypto ...

So, as we all know, in 2018 the crypto markets took a major dive...
Crypto has a tendency to do this ... and after it's done, it recovers to massive profits ...

I don't think it's worth it to start to take a position until there is a drop of at least 50-75% drop from an all-time-high... and even then it may continue to a 95% drop.

This happened to Litecoin ... from about $400 --> down to $100 --> down to about $25
Down 75%, and then down another 75%

I've been buying since about 65% down, and I've continued to buy going to $25...
(Was waiting for sub $20 to buy more, but that didn't happen)

Since then, it rose to about $62 now ...  (the last time I bought was around $50, and LTC was going upwards)...

At this point, I'm in hodl (hold) mode, during what may be a massive turn-around in crypto and LTC.

Some info about LTC for those who don't know much about it :
LTC is a clone of Bitcoin, but meant to be faster, cheaper, and have a different hashing (security) algorithm.
Charlie Lee (Founder/Creator) called it the Silver to Bitcoin's Gold.

The thing that differentiates LTC from other alt-coins is the active community, the Litecoin Foundation, and developers ...

Litecoin achèvements in 2018
- Abra Wallet
- LTC available on all major crypto exchanges
- Robbin Hood - LTC & BTC available on Robbin Hood brokerage
- lightning network developments (newer faster next generation protocol)
- submarine cross-chain atomic swaps (these are direct-secure swaps to Bitcoin)
- Litecoin Summit 2018 (2019 Summit announced in Las Vegas)
- UFC sponsorship - to increase awareness
- Aliant Payments to work with BTC & LTC
- Token Pay - WEG Bank (10% stake in German bank) - Litecoin Foundation partnership
- Mimble Wimble announcement
- Flappening - Market Cap overtakes BCH in market cap

Currently it is the #5 (in market cap) cryptocurrency (only just recently overtaken by EOS)

Best Regards,


Re: Litecoin
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For Entertainment Purposes Only.

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Re: Litecoin
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Looks like LTC (as well as the whole crypto market) is on a tear today (starting last night)...
LTC now above $80 with lots of momentum ...
+33% today, and recapturing the #4 spot (in crypto market cap) from EOS....

... there might be some resistance around $80's but the next resistance levels after that is in the 120-160 range ...
... with all time highs around $360-400 ...

... crypto has a tendency to drop 75%-90%from its all time highs ...
... and then recover 1,000% to 10,000% from it's lows ...

... days like these are the reasons to be in crypto - they don't happen that often, but when they do ...


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Re: Litecoin
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oh, and everything I say is for entertainment purposes only ... not a financial advisor ... do your own due dillegence