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Topic: Kucoin exchange  (Read 705 times) previous topic - next topic

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Kucoin exchange
This is a newer crypto exchange. They have a lot of coins and trading pairs.
If you sign up after clicking this link, I get a reference and some bonus coins.
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Re: Kucoin exchange
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I don't talk crypto much here, but TBH, it has been taking up most of my charting time.
And i really wanted anyone into crypto to know about this one.
Kucoin has it's own coin KCS. KuCoin Shares.
I understand there are risks associated with over seas exchanges.
They have the majors and a bunch of ERC20 tokens i know most are "shitcoins" but some have some potential.
When you own KCS, they pay you daily a small portion of the commissions for holding the kcs tokens.
It is hard for me to tell exactly what i am getting, mostly BTC and ETH but in just one week i have gotten maybe .25% of my holdings in kcs back as "dust" in 35 or so coins. now it may not sound like much, but in that same week several have over doubled. the point being is i get to diversify in all these alts and my "dividend" that was invested went up already. and on top of that, the KCS coin has over doubled. I know double or more in a week is common these days but what is not common is a coin that pays for holding it.
I have moved a good portion of my portfolio to KCS about 15-20%  If kucoin continues to grow anything like they have this coin will be a huge cash cow.
The holding of this dust is like a shitcoin index fund which as long as crypto is still bullish like this, will steadily rise.
So it's a win win win win for me.
1) KCS value increases
2)pays me daily, a cut of every commission
3)i get a basket of alt coins cost averaging every day with no effort
4)everything is reinvested and compounded.
This crypto coin has a use, i use it every day to get paid.
This is my new favorite crypto.
i will keep a few high risk choices to trade on kucoin to add to the KCS count, but won't really do much else there except accumulate EOS to move some profits off the exchange, into LT cold EOS storage.
If anyone wants more info, just reply.
And please use the link, my reference code above, if you get an account, as i get a substantial portion of my referrals commissions too.
what a long strange trip crypto's been
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Re: Kucoin exchange
Reply #2
Kucoin brought back their referral program. I think this will increase the user base and therefore the amount of bonus for owning KCS.
This is my referral link. Thank you for using it.
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