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Topic: buying phys? (Read 575 times) previous topic - next topic

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  • sn00p 
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buying phys?
I currently own 0 phys and I'm seeing potential disaster in the future not so distant; along with tech on the rise I don't think it could be such a bad idea to have some in a safe somewhere with a six shooter and my most important documents.

Regardless of a disaster a solar eclipse on 8-21 followed by saturn going direct on 8-25 is in a few months and could signal a major reversal for silver to the upside.

If I want to buy 100-200 oz in bars where would the best place to look be?

I was looking at https://goo.gl/hk7GQ8 for 100 oz bars I think they are having a sale?

Thanks for any advice; Y'all know I just want to be a silver stocker like @edthelorax one day :joy:

  • ken
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Re: buying phys?
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When you buy gold buy it as if your going to spend it at the store. Buy coins like gold eagles. Silver the same. If we truly have a SHTF moment you will need them. Silver is the poor mans gold and I believe will be the metal most used by the general public that hasn't yet offed themselves when the realize how truly screwed they are.

  • edthelorax
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Re: buying phys?
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These guys are my friends, I have been doing business with them for 20 years.
They are a full service dealer, 3rd party insured fair fast dealer.
They do millions of dollars in business every year.
If you tell them I sent you you may get a slightly better price, but not much as they are very fair to everyone.
there is also Apmex and ebay has many great sellers.

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