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Topic: October is going to... (Read 371 times) previous topic - next topic

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October is going to...
SUCK! Jim Crammer said "Silver is poor man's gold."
I saw the story on Yahoo but didn't listen to it.
He may be right half of the time but he always seems to be dead wrong when it comes to silver.
I definitely remember him turning bullish at the exact top in 2008.
I KNEW better at that time and lost my ass with the wonders of margin.
Education is expensive, I paid a lot for mine.
My payback to those who do the manipulation is this site, and it's free.
The last time I heard Crammer talk about it, it was like groundhog day and he said they weren't buying silver stocks because they "learned their lesson."
It makes total sense they will take gold down because they want Hillary.
It is Highly likely the downside targets I charted a month ago will be met.
Silver IS, without a doubt, manipulated.
Manipulation is done through psychology.
They HAVE to "teach us" that PM's are horrible investments.
I have heard more than once "Oh, I'll never do that again" when I mention silver.
I Hate trying to trade in and out, but at this juncture with silver on the wrong side of that damn blue line and getting pushed down over seas there will be some gaps down this morning.
When I posted "don't get scared and sell this fall" what I should have said is "don't wait for it to go down before getting scared and selling." I will definitely ride it out with a lot of my positions but "they" owe me and if i want it I have to take it.
Either sell now or Decide you will not sell this fall NO MATTER WHAT.
Thanksgiving sounds about right to meet the downside targets.
I'll bet those CDE puts I mentioned a month ago are up over 250% already..
I am going to re-read my only blog before the open.
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Re: October is going to...
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I could feel the greed trying to make me whimp out and not sell.
I let go of all my GPL, SLVMF, and EXLLF
It was not easy at all.
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Re: October is going to...
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Re: October is going to...
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Crammer knows silver.
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