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Topic: Time to buy? (Read 734 times) previous topic - next topic

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Time to buy?
What gives with EXK? Everything seems to be in order for the continued growth of the company, organically.
The numbers were good, the chart looks like crap. I have a line at 3.22$ It needs to turn up here.
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Re: Time to buy?
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I wouldn't say there's a great deal of clarity, but it does look possible. A bit more downside, leading into improvement?

Re: Time to buy?
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Bought more EXK at 3.25.  It is time for me.  Thanks for all you have done here, Ed.  I never go to yahoo message boards anymore.  When silver breaks and holds 18.54 these miners should turn around quickly. 

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Re: Time to buy?
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Nothing more exciting than Bottom Fishing.. still that Buy-Platinum, Sell-Gold Spread is working.. TOO~! Just not as exciting.