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Re: 4-3-17
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USAS has breached the short upper blue line on your graph Ed, any thoughts on what happens next? I am thinking it is very positive as the stock has held up very well on the earnings announcement, while other PM stocks have tanked on earnings like CDE.

As you linked in the other thread, the earnings announcement and forward guidance were quite positive and the shares may be benefitting from the larger market exposure. Looking good!

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Re: 4-3-17
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ed, i was thinking about you today and i made you a gann progression chart showing some long term key levels in the colors other than black.

This is all based off of the lowest low on the weekly chart of $0.49

If you have another key price you would like me to use instead ($2.10?) I can make it for you as well my friend

Re: 4-3-17
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Ed, looking at your chart at the beginning of this thread caused me to have a look at the support trend line mentioned in another thread. Draw a line through the Jan 2016 low and the December 2016 low, then focus on how the share price has consistently been above this steeply up trending line. BB's have pinched suggesting a price move. There is a good chance the move will be up and substantial given the company's good fundamentals supported by the positive earnings report recently. I am still holding my entire original investment in USAS thinking now I might be wishing I allocated a greater percentage to the company. Time will tell.