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Topic: Margined shares. (Read 536 times) previous topic - next topic

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Margined shares.
I have one "trade" open it is USAS on margin against itself,
No matter how much value i see or what my long term view is, I will not go negative on margin.
Sucks but i had to sell the trading shares, at break-even.
I am going to hold my core, as long as it takes.
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Re: Margined shares.
Reply #1
good call..not the time to be on margin...I hold about 50% cash now in my mining portfolio.

Re: Margined shares.
Reply #2
Right, it was a trade, not a position.
Now I can make another trade tomorrow if I want,
Paying a higher price tomorrow will not matter for this trade, worst that could happen is I have to buy at 930 on a gap up. it is a new trade, if i decide to use margin again.
Just like my other trade EXK which  shares which i sold for pot which are now down but less than EXK.
Margin and leverage should only be used with care, when a high probability trade presents itself. And there has to be rules that are NOT broken.
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Re: Margined shares.
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I am glad that i sold these before I heard about cyber attacks.
If i had started to feel fear, i would have done the deer in headlights trick and froze. And may have even broken one rule to fulfill another i guess i need to have rules prioritized better.
glad i followed the rule and am glad i am holding my shares. the rest weren't mine but a trade just a trade. If i keep telling mysefl maybe i can remember this and trade better.
At least i will be able to trade again if it does go lower, i guess it isn't so bad.
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