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Topic: EXK 1w 11-28-16 (Read 1647 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: EXK 1w 11-28-16
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Hi Ken, I am not Ed but I saw your question.  If the govt. (Trump has no authority to do this alone) were to write off US debt or "default", interest rates for US Bonds would jump to 20% (at least), the dollar would plunge, and US would be up shite's creek without a paddle.  This would never happen out of design.

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Re: EXK 1w 11-28-16
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Trump made some clues at this some months ago. I cannot recall the exact 'phrase' he used but I was astounded that he would even consider that. But at what point must this be done? I was looking at the debt clock and can see that other nations are in a boat load of more trouble than the USA is.

Re: EXK 1w 11-28-16
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Has it ever accrued to you that Trump might write off some of the debt? Public debt, as I understand it, has been written off in the past.  Any view on this?
I would say the Fed is writing off the debt in a way by buying what 3 trillion of bad debt? This keeps the debt alive on the Fed's balance sheet. A true write off and there are some big losers. The Fed can't let their buddies lose and miss out all that money continuing  being circulated.  They are trying to keep the $$ flowing at any cost. This is Helicopter money. If they are giving out money for literally nothing it will eventually show up as inflation in other places besides the bond and stock markets.
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Re: EXK 1w 11-28-16
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I added EXK at $4.13 as a swing trade.
Target is $5.13, stop $3.70/
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Re: EXK 1w 11-28-16
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