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Counterfeit detection
  • Last Edit: May 06, 2019, 06:13:40 PM by edthelorax
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Re: Counterfeit detection
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A few things we can do:
Education: learn about what you are buying. Most rare coins have diagnostics that will catch most copies.

Local Coin Dealers: often have much experience on this subject. Become friends with one and get a professional 2nd opinion, As soon as you receive your coin.

Return and Report: I do a lot of shopping on ebay and am not afraid to return an Item and leave negative feedback. I have try to be a kind person but being kind to a thief isn't helping. I do not leave feedback until I am positive I got what I was supposed to. There is a report Item button hidden in fine print on ebay's listings. I am lucky enough to be able to spot a few by the pictures, I report them to ebay, they don't do much but if everyone that shops for coins made more problems and noise for ebay, they will have to make improvements.

Use reputable sellers: checking feedback isn't always enough,  a good seller will accept returns, this is what responsibility is about. Many will list other references like the ANA, or other groups. 

Check ID: reference numbers on slabs can be copied too The grading companies have records check them.

Weigh them: a pocket digital scale is way cheaper than eating a fake. Coins, especially silver ounces have specific weights.
Magnets won't pick up an ounces of silver either.

Educate yourself and others.

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Re: Counterfeit detection
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I had no idea people counterfeit these old coins. I don't collect them my self so I am ignorant as to this subject. Thanks for the education.

Re: Counterfeit detection
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Re: Counterfeit detection
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Many of the latest deceptive counterfeits are documented on the Newman Numismatic Portal at:

Re: Counterfeit detection
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@jyoung5050 :

Thank you for the link! That 1872-S 50c is a doozie!! geez..

I only discovered last week about the more sophisticated counterfeits - nobody had ever told me "beware of cleaned or whizzed coins." I found this to be very upsetting. It helped me discover some archives of articles on NGC's website, though.. highly valuable info there.

I have a microscope objective lens for my camera, that is helpful too.
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Re: Counterfeit detection
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Thank you for the response- I actually own one of the 1872-s halves and it always brings many comments whenever I show it at shows!

Counterfeit coin images
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1969-S DDO
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