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Fun at Auctions
I bought some nice coins at a local auction the other day.  Some uncirculated Standing Liberty halves, a few uncirculated Morgans, and a nice 1904s Morgan in VF condition.  Also a couple Peace dollars.  Things of beauty that will be with me or my heirs decades from now. And I bought my wife a gold ring with small rubies and diamonds for a silly cheap price since no one else bid.  Exchanged some green paper happily for that stuff.

Re: Fun at Auctions
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Exchanged some green paper happily for that stuff.

I hear that!

Do you know about VAMs? That's some fun there, sleuthing the varieties of you Morgans. For me, cherrypicking is one way to unwind.
It is never too late to learn how to love and forget how to hate.

Re: Fun at Auctions
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I know what VAMS are, but I have not gotten that involved yet.  I have more Silver Eagles and Maple Leafs than anything.  I was even buying old sterling silverware off Ebay in small quantities.  Silver Eagles are a little boring, but they give you silver in a very recognizable form at not much over spot.  My Morgan collection is small, and I try to concentrate on coins that are uncirculated, or coins in nice condition with low mintage (say 1mil to several mil).