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Gold / Re: Gold 2018
Last post by edthelorax -

Copy image address then use the little picture frame icon next to the post link icon.

Where did you find the address?
I hovered over it and right click, then there was copy image address.
Gold / Re: Gold 2018
Last post by sandybeachdave -

Copy image address then use the little picture frame icon next to the post link icon.

Where did you find the address?
CDE - Coeur Mining, Inc / Re: a complex web
Last post by edmund -
Just found Northern Vertex newest USA gold producer in Arizona-Ken Berry is co founder of Northern Vertex and of Kootenay
 Aztec that just JV'd a project in Tombstone Arizona is also JV'd with Kootenay in Mexico. Coeur bought position in Aztec thet wantedthis before Atec JV'd as it is in same province as Palmarejo.
Kootenay's web of influence is spreading or is the sector one big incestuous relationships?
CDE - Coeur Mining, Inc / Re: a complex web
Last post by edmund -
Additional color-coeur was hot on building cigarra project when owned by Northair it had a strong first n43-101  it hit on almost every hole,low strip ratio and coeurs geo Rasmussen and mine builder Joe Phillips-Coeur financed the company through stock purchase and buying a NSR. both made several trips to property-Condire came on board and a reverse takeover occurred bringing in a new CEO--down the road a bit Kootenay made an all share offer and has had since several drill programs but there has no increase of original n43-101 matter fact with lower metals it decreased its reserves

Rockhave strong N43-101 poly metallic gold silver zinc lead,road accessible in friendly mining camp,technical report and metallurgy tests 46%owned by Strategic and Coeur recently bought in and suppllied its geo team and exploration plan was tailored for a takeover
This was a successfull 16,00m program.
This project has synergies with Silvertip although in two different provinces they both are on borders and aclose distance also only 55 mi by air from Kensington
.This project is a large property with deposit on gentle terrain.This is advanced but will need a mill.
Condire Investmenth as its two co founders  one on each board of Strategic and Rockhaven.
Krebs went to Harvard Business School with one of Condires co founders.
CDE - Coeur Mining, Inc / a complex web
Last post by edmund -
Aztec Minerals released jan18 that it signed an option agreement with Baroyeca Gold and Silver  on its Tombstone properties in Arizona containg many  of the historic mining properties in Tombstone mining district.
Aztec is a new company that has a jv'd project in mexico with Kootenay-Coeur bought into a private placement with Aztec

Coeur was once largest shareholder in Northair followed by Condire Investments out of dallas
-Kootenay bought out Northair leaving Coeur with kootenay shares and Kootenay bought with more shares Coeurs NSR on Northairs Cigarra project
.Condire also received shares in Kootenay for its Northair position and placed a director on Board of Kootenay
Condire also has a director on board of STRATEGIC and another director on board of ROCKHAVEN
PAAS also has a jv with Kootenay on la Negra property
Paas  recently purchase Joaquin from coeur  giving a 2% NSR on joaquin
PAAS in April bought for 5 million a 2.5% NSR  from Silvercorp, the previous owner of now Coeurs Silvertip mine .

Cast of characters: Paas,Coeur,Condire Investments,,Kootenay,Aztec,Strategic,Rockhaven
Location: Mexico,Arizona,Argentina and Yukon

Gold / Re: Gold 2018
Last post by edthelorax -

Copy image address then use the little picture frame icon next to the post link icon.
Gold / Re: Gold 2018
Last post by sandybeachdave -
Here is a link to a good article predicting stellar returns in the pm space. I tried to insert a chart I thought was telling but could not figure out how. If interested, open the article and about half way down, the chart with the GSCI/SnP500 ratio shows commodities to be a secular lows wrt stocks. Our time is near.

CDE - Coeur Mining, Inc / Re: Move to Chicago
Last post by edmund -
often times short posts are aimed at management and it is often times true and investors are losing money or being diluted or have lost in past-BUT WHO ARE THE REAL CULPRITS
The Fed funded BANKS or their created hedge funds or the myriad of paper derivitives,the street that piles on or off creating even more greed or fear,the shifting of politics and taxation when prices are high,exchange rates,cost of energy that effects everything in mining and paper dumps on comex of billions in seconds .
Preciosa is an example of a buy at 30.00 dollar silver,the divestiture of Coeur Capital and Joaquin(politics and metals prices) ,the sale of Bolivia (politics) under guise of weather and govt taxation and mountain ban over 4400 ft to surface operation that reclaims land and uses no dynamite
Permitting that causes a 10 year time frame from discovery to production,exploration permitting and expansions
From 50 dollars an oz to 12.50 and gold to 1000.00 and coeur managed three expansions and three acquisitions during this period as well as engineering its balance sheet and interest
Govt's have attacked gold India and us to protect the Us dollar and India its rupee
And don't the banks love this as miners scratch to survive wasting reserves and then need money to buy or build
Give investors a three year mine plan to higher grades and lower costs accomplished on time (early) and Coeur profitable in 2016 and maybe for 2017 and the fact that silver went back to 16.00 from what 21.00 and share price is managments fault how many dumps have occurred ,how many investors taken in by GLS ,gdx,gdxj,2x and three times funds,option to name a few of the many derivatives.
CDE - Coeur Mining, Inc / Re: Move to Chicago
Last post by edmund -
Did you ever visit Chester where there is still a law on the books if you catch a Welshman inside the  city walls built by the roman. you could lynch him-
.Birkenhead is about 25 minutes from Chester but they are worlds apart-chester has a cathedral that took 200yrs to complete and a racecourse that will empty your pockets in a flash and shopping everybody comes for 45 minutes away but the malls are coming.
-.I grew up in Boston so having a great time watching the celtics rebuild
Liverpool is a far cry from the Beatles days but still corrupt-you must have loved the pints and pub atmosphere.Imagine Liverpool in the old days with all the goods coming through it supplying the factories.A tough bunch those Birkenhead dock workers

.But do i miss an american steak and chicken -meat is grass fed here not corn fed and chicken is pasty white not like good old american corn fed. chicken
.If you ever come over i'll buy you a pint or two.
CDE - Coeur Mining, Inc / Re: Blue Moon Zinc
Last post by edmund -
Northern miner has about 60 million shares outstanding up about 30% since Coeurs placement and has 18 million in cash as of jan,5
and more good news there have been two more exploration releases by Corvus at Motherlode extending strike and in pit at depth and to north
This property is surrounded by Northern and another strategic with Coeur
These releases both in January the most recent Jan 18-