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Miscellaneous / Re: Beware of the Stock market!!
Last post by edthelorax -
Silver - General Discussion / Re: 2019 The Year silver shines
Last post by ken -
I agree it will climb, but damn, would a thermo nuclear war cause at least a bump up???

-Ken the heretic!
Silver - General Discussion / Re: 2019 The Year silver shines
Last post by edthelorax -
When will this end?

June or July? Who knows. Invest in DUST perhaps

Heretic!  lol
Silver going to climb the Stairway to Heaven.
Purple lines of resistance.
Miscellaneous / Re: Beware of the Stock market!!
Last post by edthelorax -
Double top? It needs to break the low between the 2 highs for confirmation of the pattern technically.
These gaps aren't really strong, so they don't "need" to be filled but are good downside targets for this ST chart.
The 200DMA is 2777, if that breaks then one of the 2 blue fib retracements is likely.
Silver - General Discussion / Re: 2019 The Year silver shines
Last post by ken -
When will this end?

June or July? Who knows. Invest in DUST perhaps
Silver - General Discussion / Re: 2019 The Year silver shines
Last post by edthelorax -
When will this end?
PM Mining Stocks / Re: TMAC
Last post by sandybeachdave -
I added to my TMAC position today. I think this could be a long term hold for me.
CDE - Coeur Mining, Inc / Study by Fun Trading
Last post by andre171 -

Interesting study, but that assesses CDE especially based on its latest quarterly results.
From this angle, like the author, we must conclude that this is not encouraging!
The forecasts for 2019 are indeed conservative and they should at least be respected or even improved.
Based on forecasts for 2019 and with gold at a price of 1375 as suggested by the author and money at 17 (ratio of 80), we should for each of the next 3 quarters obtain an average income of 205M and a gross profit (income -CAS) of 63M instead of 155M and 23M for 1Q2019, with a margin more than doubled (more than 30% instead of less than 15).
For me, CDE has potential, but the price of metals must also help.
On the other hand, the current market capitalization is only $ 123 / per ounce of gold or equivalent in proved and probable reserves and there is a good exploration potential.
I wait and hope for your opinions and considerations.
Sorry for my bad English (am French speaking).
Miscellaneous / Re: Are we in a depression?
Last post by sandybeachdave -
The above chain started by Ken with the excellent article reference is worth rereading in its entirety especially after the 3.5% GDP print (annualized) this morning. Putting the number in perspective, federal debt on June 29 was $21,195 billion and on September 28, $21,516 billion for a federal debt increase of $321 billion. Roughly speaking that is a pace for annual debt increase of $1,284 billion which is more than 6% of a 21,000 billion GDP economy. If the debt increase were subtracted from GDP; appropriate as explained in the article, incurring debt is not incurring income, then GDP contracted last quarter and it contracted rapidly. If an entity spends more than it takes in, it is losing value, and as a nation, we are losing value. Factor in state and local government debt increases and the situation is much worse. Then consider virtually all government spending is consumption which by definition consumes wealth; we are not only contracting, but we are also burning through our seed wealth to turn the situation around investing in wealth generating ventures.

It is a sad commentary on the fiscal management of the country's politicians and the situation is made exacerbated by the fed's foolish monetary policy and stimulation games.


I was not able to post the chart, but have a look at my post above and a look at the chart. The US is in contraction economically and the GDP number without considering debt is a fraud. The chart does not include state and local debt making GDP even more fraudulent. So what is a real repair for our situation?

First we need to understand that the above chart is showing the US is consuming (consuming is destroying) wealth faster than it is being generated. Wealth is generated via mining or extraction of resources, growing things from food to trees, manufacturing and construction, and via intellect (patents). Trump is doing some right things to turn the country to more wealth generation with his tax change to repatriate money and leave more wealth with individuals where some can/will be invested in wealth generating ventures. Another is his move to bring back manufacturing. He is also neglecting items that would do the most long term good probably because they would also inflict the most short term pain.

First is the debt. Virtually all federal spending is on consumption, so borrowing to fund more fed spending is foolish. As with the recession just prior to the roaring 20's, the government needs to contract spend to eliminate the deficit and start reducing total debt. When this was done in the 20's, the recession ended quickly albeit with pain; contrast that with the depression of the thirties where government essentially tried to spend our way into prosperity again, albeit with some 15 years of pain.

Second is interest rates being fixed below market rates. This encourages excessive borrowing that facilitates bloating the federal budget and disproportionately swaying the consumption to investment ratio in favor of consumption. Low interest rates also lower the threshold for positive investment decisions on marginal projects. Low interest rates also discourage savings, the foundation for capital to fuel our capitalist economy and destroying what should be steady income for people who sacrificed by saving some of their wealth. One might say the fraudulent GDP growth has been borne in large part by our senior citizens.

Third is illegal redefining of the fed's prices steady goal to 2% inflation. That one move is a mechanism for transferring wealth from all dollar denominated assets at a compounded rate of 2% per year. Since the fed was formed it has actually been closer to 4%. That wealth could be used for investing in wealth generating venture. Remember it is retained wealth invested, not printed dollars that generate wealth. Yes, printed dollars can be invested, but one has to consider their value is stolen from existing dollar denominated assets. As brilliantly pointed out by Frederich Bastiat, the seen is what the printed dollars have done, the unseen is what was not accomplished by the stolen wealth.

Fourth, lending needs to become more disciplined. Lending for consumption is encouraging wealth destruction. Should a family borrow for a lavish vacation, once taken, the vacation has consumed commensurate wealth. If the family bread winner become unemployed, then to service and or repay the debt, the family needs to sell something of value. further even if all goes well, the wealth represented by the loan must first be repaid from future wealth generated removing other options the money could have been spent.

So much more could be said. The article I took the chart from is linked but the gist of it is a bit different including information on birth rates and medical spending: