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PM Mining Stocks / Re: Sabina Gold and Silver SGSVF
Last post by andre171 -
The capitalization of Sabina represents 80% of the NPV@5% for gold at 1500, which is + or - in the average.
PM Mining Stocks / Re: Sabina Gold and Silver SGSVF
Last post by sandybeachdave -
Sabina chart looks ugly, but in past, when it has been ugly, it has been an entry point. Fundamentally the story is still very good with exploration success just reported last week. DYODD

PM Mining Stocks / Re: Treasury Metals
Last post by sandybeachdave -
I am not invested in treasury metals but I do read about it and other companies in the area once in a while. If what I saw about FFMGF concerning very high front end capital costs to get their mine started spills over to Treasury, it could be the reason for Treasury lagging. As you say this PEA will be important understanding Treasury.
PM Mining Stocks / PEA in February
Last post by andre171 -
In addition to the good exploration results, from today's press release we can see:
- that the PEA will be published in a few days (beginning of February) and
- that this PEA will take into account the inclusion of a first resource for the Miller prospect.
Very impatient to know the NPV for Goliath + Goldlund! She could show a strong undervaluation for TML
Gold / Re: Gold 2021
Last post by sandybeachdave -
linked is a post on trading view covering market history from the dot com bubble through current times and a gold prediction predicated on the review. The poster did a good job.

PM Mining Stocks / Re: HANNF
Last post by sandybeachdave -
HANNF is an interesting early stage exploration company with very aggressive management. Their current business model is to pursue their theory for copper with a PM kicker in eastern Peru by acquiring a huge acreage position (186,900 hectares) in the sweet spot and using a farm out (what we called it in the oil field) agreement to process about a third of the land package. Their agreement with Japan Oil and Gas calls for $35 million expenditure (more than current company market capitalization) to accomplish this in exchange for up to 75% interest. While a farm out is a form of dilution, the company has financed de-risking a third of their holding, potentially a good trade as HANNF would consistently be cash strapped to de-risk themselves. They do plan to explore a 27,800 hectare prospect on their own. At this time, the only 'whale' invested in the company is Japan O&G, but Quinton Hennigh is onboard as a technical advisor.

Mining is a long way off so share price appreciation will have to come as a result of product price appreciation and news releases of success developing their theory. The charts are remarkably bullish with a catch of two gaps, one in December 2019 that marked a transition from very little trading interest that may not be relevant and a second recent one at $0.26 to $0.27 this past November that has a reasonable chance of getting filled. I doubled the MACD parameters to smooth the curve noise.

It is a risky but potentially reward investment, it has already nearly been a ten bagger over the last year and a quarter. DYODD

Link to recent company presentation:

Silver • General Discussion / Re: 2021 Silver
Last post by sandybeachdave -
Here is a little different look at silver. We went several months in a channel before BO to the upside last half of last year. During the same time frame, silver might be repeating the pattern. I am tepid about this lasting for the same period because we have good longer term TA in place and the unfunded spending, some continuing and some new, planned by the current administration is a tail wind for PM's.

PM Mining Stocks / HANNF
Last post by sandybeachdave -
The more I look at this company, the more intriguing it becomes.

PM Mining Stocks / Re: Jaguar Mining
Last post by sandybeachdave -
Seems all systems continue to be in go mode for Jaguar, even the Wuhan flu drag in March did not have a huge impact on this issue. It knocks out a 6 cent US dividend each quarter to boot.

AG - First Majestic Silver Corp / Re: AG 2019
Last post by sandybeachdave -
The gap at $12.16 was filled.  I like how Kieth does so much PR.

There are still three gaps in the near past that are not filled or partially filled, two below with the opening of the gap today and one above. AG's performance the so far this week has been remarkable.  Charts show the secular bull market for AG is in tack since commencement in November 2018 with price above trending support except for the spring Covid mark down and long term MA's remain bull oriented. Shorter term price has moved into the upper BB spread and into the upper half of the linear regression trend drawn from the March lows, MACD lead curve has turned up and RSI looks favorable. I am optimistic about my AG position. Also note the up trends are quite steep.