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Miscellaneous / Re: Absurd
Last post by ken -
We can take your view further with this excellent article: "A 6th Grader Should Know America's Foreign Policy Is Ridiculous"
Miscellaneous / Re: Absurd
Last post by sandybeachdave -
For the last 5 months or so, US debt has held steady at $22 trillion as the current debt ceiling has been reached and 'new' debt offerings are only roll overs, yet we continue to deficit spend and congress does nothing to address the issue. Now congress has painted itself into a corner wrt time to address the coming fiscal budget with all the vacations they could never cancel or even just postpone. It could very well be this issue is the catalyst to cause Americans and the rest of the world to see congress for the irresponsible body it is and lose faith in the government, the fed, and by extension the dollar. The situation is ABSURD!

Congress will ignore the real issue, deficit spending, spending that is directed nearly 100% toward consumption. That deficit spending is consuming wealth, the very wealth required for funding wealth generating ventures that in turn increase our standard of living. The root driver for increasing debt in all descriptions is lacking ability to fund current life style. To maintain, rather than 'tighten the belt', individuals, businesses, and governments borrow, either legitimately or via printing or fixed or fixed low interest rates. It works for a while, but debt brings economic activity forward and will be paid back via reduced future economic activity either voluntarily ('tightening the belt') or forced. This should be obvious to a person of a reasonably low level education, but in the US, education has become indoctrination. ABSURD
Gold / Re: Gold breaks 1400
Last post by edthelorax -
Bull pennant and flag.
BTG - B2Gold Corp / Re: BTG 12/19/17
Last post by edthelorax -
Miscellaneous / Re: Select Your Intention
Last post by ken -
It's above my pay grade. LOL
What I interpret is that they are trying to expand on the double slit experiment and show that humans can influence the outcome of an event or series of events by their intention. 
That is what I was thinking. The double slit experiment, it is the great mystery.
Miscellaneous / Re: Select Your Intention
Last post by edthelorax -
It's above my pay grade. LOL
What I interpret is that they are trying to expand on the double slit experiment and show that humans can influence the outcome of an event or series of events by their intention. 
CDE - Coeur Mining, Inc / Re: 2Q2019
Last post by ken -
Based on figures released yesterday, I am evaluating the increase in quarterly sales to 7M.
It is in Palmarejo that the increase is the highest and it is good since it is the most profitable mine (Gross margin of 37.6% for Q1).
In Silvertip, there is a problem with the price of zinc increased from 1.19 to 0.49. The price of zinc has decreased by + - 20% since the end of March, but not in the proportion reported at Silvertip!
Note that to meet the production targets, compared to Q2, Silvertip must double its production for Q3 and Q4!
Can we believe it and in addition it must be in profitable conditions!
The 2019 production targets are confirmed, but why is the CEO using the term "Overall" then the production targets are confirmed for each of the 5 mines? This term "Overall"worries me a bit, does it need to to assume a failure for one of the 5 mines?
If the production targets are actually achieved, this should generate for each of the last 2 quarters sales of more than 208M based on current metal prices (1410 and 15.15 for gold and silver)!
It seems a little too beautiful, what do you think?
What is your analysis of published figures?
The term "Overall" in context looks like a projection of averages.
PM Mining Stocks / Re: New Gold NGD
Last post by sandybeachdave -
Monday, I sprung far a small position in NGD and Wednesday I doubled it. The holding is up 22%, something that rarely happens for me in such a short time. The run up must be a reflection of the production report where they have produced to 2019 target guidance and reaffirmed that guidance for the full year. Second, 2019 projected AISC is high at $1600/ounce, but $600 of it is 2019 capital cost associated with mine start and working out start up issues; that should go away for 2020 making next year potentially very profitable which will allow them to explore more and shore up their balance sheet.

It is a very speculative stock as who knows what could go wrong with either of their mines, but it also has a very bright future if their story line holds together.