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Recent Posts

Sandy that's because you wern't looking for a drop.. Those triangles are worthless ..

Nice drop on EXK.. been waiting for this since I sold at $$2.55 last year.

PM Mining Stocks / Re: ABX
Last post by ken -
It's still going stellar. Love the company.
CDE - Coeur Mining, Inc / Re: 2020
Last post by sandybeachdave -
Taken from the post immediately above, "and I am not retracting my CDE share price projection of a month or two back with a 4 handle". Close today, $4.94. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.
PM Mining Stocks / Re: EMX
Last post by sandybeachdave -
I added 10% to my EMX holding for a $1.79, buying small increments on pullbacks. This could be a standout streamer/royalty company as PM's advance.
PM Mining Stocks / Re: ABX
Last post by sandybeachdave -

I am thinking a pullback on gold by Wednesday??? Barrick, guess Monday.

Well, you got your pull back, did you have to be so aggressive? Just a little humor on a bad day.
Gold / Re: One of a million possible gold paths
Last post by edthelorax -
Being last week of the month, driving the price down after all the new blood is the MO.
Gold / Re: COT for Gold
Last post by sandybeachdave -
It looks like commercial traders have been wrong 7 of the past 12 months and likely again this month.
The real question is why are the commercials the only ones fighting the trend, losing so much money doing it?
Confusion to where money should flow?

It will be interesting to see if this PM bump is shorted on the COT report Friday.
Miscellaneous / Careful!!!
Last post by edthelorax -
Global supply chain disruptions are a real threat.
Preserve capital. Cash is KING.
WTIC shows weak demand.

SPX has a long way to retrace

It may sound crazy but long term downside is enormous even with helicopter money coming/