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Currencies / Re: DXY
Last post by sandybeachdave -
DXY continues to head south. Today is odd as dollar down as well as PM's being generally down; an example of Ed's comment about market moves not making sense. While DXY is flawed as it is a measure comparing the dollar against other fiat currencies, it does show the dirtiest shirt in the laundry. Dollar probably continues south at this point. JMO

Commodities / Oneok
Last post by sandybeachdave -
Oneok is a natural gas transportation and processing company with assets primarily located through the core of the US. It took a serious hit with covid-19 response as did the entire energy industry, but over the last 6 or 7 months it has recovered nicely. It pays 93.5 cents dividend that they have held through the past year and over many decades they have not cut it. Share price does fluctuate with macro fundamentals like the great recession and covid, but over time it has been a steady performer growing in value and increasing dividend.

OKE goes x dividend this Thursday. While it is a mid stream energy company, it is not an MLP so it does not have the tax complications associated with most mid stream high dividend payers. I am planning to add to my position for price appreciation thinking return to around $75 this year is achievable and for the income. Weekly options are available to juice the income stream. DYODD.

Silver • General Discussion / Re: Silver flags
Last post by edthelorax -
The point of the title of this thread was that silver will go up very fast (flagpole) and then consolidate before moving straight up again.
I think it is about time for the completion of the pattern. This will go for stocks also. Straight up. At least close to straight as things get.

Silver • General Discussion / Re: PHYSICAL supplies and premiums
Last post by edthelorax -
I talked with one of my LCS owners yesterday. That was the second day in a row that I was there and someone walked in saying "I think I want to buy silver."  Both were first-time buyers. He took over the shop from his dad about 12 years ago. They have been in business for 42 years.  My city is a very good proxy for the country.  It's smaller but still a real city. It's almost mid-west, almost east coast. Normally, most of his inventory is what has walked in by local sellers. He regularly has to buy some extra 999 from his distributers. I thought that asking him how his purchases from the wholesaler now compared to a few years ago would be a great indicator of the true supply/demand dynamics.  If he sold a million $ in silver but 99% of that is what walked in, then there is not any significant net investment demand. He told me he just finished his books for 2020 and the amount he bought from his distributors was "amazing." It was hard to be completely open with a stranger in the shop.  So I asked him how did your 2020 buying from wholesalers compare to a few years ago, was it double? or tipple? he shook his head no. I said 5x? and he said "that's about right."
I asked and this year has been even more and he said definitively YES.  He said basically, no one is selling. He knows guys that have been buying for 20 years, like me, and they aren't selling anything.
Miscellaneous / Re: COVID-19
Last post by ken -
A role for quercetin in coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).
quercetin coronavirus - Search Results - PubMed

Never get a cold using the stuff. Here, if interested, a place to buy without fillers.
Pure Quercetin Dihydrate - Pure Bulk Supplements - PureBulk, Inc.

Vitamin D3 and K2 and their potential contribution to reducing the COVID-19 mortality rate
Vitamin D3 and K2 and their potential contribution to reducing the COVID-19...

My hobby is alternative health for the last 30 years or so. The NIH is run by fuck head fauci. The research is good though.

Here is something to consider if you get a lot of respiration illnesses.
Nebulized Peroxide — A Simple Remedy for COVID-19

This guy can back up his knowledge with links to research.
Silver • General Discussion / Re: PHYSICAL supplies and premiums
Last post by sandybeachdave -
Ted Butler has written an interesting analysis about BAC borrowing silver and then potentially selling the leased metal to ETF's resulting in silver priced being suppressed as in his paraphrased words, silver price would soar if the ETF demand were met via purchasing on the open market. Sooner or later the BS in markets has to become exposed.

A New Piece of the Puzzle | Silverseek
Currencies / Re: DXY
Last post by sandybeachdave -
DXY might be headed south again as it is back in the regression channel. Fundamentals are not supportive of dollar strength. MACD is getting weaker, moving averages will probably cross as 50 day low values fall from the calculation but it may be short lived.