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Topic: Dear Mr. Trump (Read 19 times) previous topic - next topic

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  • ken 
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Dear Mr. Trump
Wrote this today at whitehouse.gov.
Wrote because I am very pissed off with this useless bastard Sessions. Marijuana is more important than Hillary's crimes and a boatload of crimes the people who work for the state get away with? Justice means "JUST US".


Mr. President,

Please stop Jeff Sessions from going after states that legalized marijuana. This story, the war on drugs, is a loser and has been a loser for 50 years. Don't we ever learn? 

Marijuana is actually harmless if used responsible, unlike prescription drugs the doctors (licensed drug pushers) prescribed that help to kill my father. The idea that a country can legislate morality is an old one that fails every-time its tried. Its not a stretch to say that this is like the communist trying to force everyone to love socialism. You can't force change that is UN-natural to the human experience.

Just like Prohibition failed, so will this ban on pot, but it will create profits for the industrial prison complex which Jeff Sessions has an interest in. Are we really going to go back to the 1920s when marijuana was made illegal in order to control the Mexicans and blacks?

Mr. President, I supported you because of the idiots in both party's which rubber stamped everything that Barack wanted. You stood out for state rights and individual liberty. Its bad enough we get the shit taxed out of us to run an incompetent government, then have to pay even more to enforce bullshit laws.

I voted for you sir and support you as you wage battle against the neocons and other scum in the government. Please put the brakes on Sessions. Let the states handle this issue. And one more thing. Have pot removed from the list as a schedule one drug. That's ridiculous to list a plant that has been used by humans for tens of thousands of years.

Re: Dear Mr. Trump
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I read some stuff on this pot fiasco today and the headlines were all along the lines that the justice department was going to enforce federal anti pot laws, but buried in the last sections of the articles was probably more the truth, that being that the decision to prosecute was going to be at the discretion of the local federal atty's. Not a good move in my mind as a few of them may become attention seekers and prosecute for the fame. All states that have 'legalized' recreational use; WA,OR,CA, NV and a couple more are all left leaning so with one eye closed and not looking with the other, this could not possibly be political. Then there is CA, now a sanctuary state to the ire of Trump, another reason the blind could see this as political. I agree with your stand, but would have added the industrial benefits of cannabis feed stock for a host of products, clothing, cosmetics, oils, paper, fiber products, etc. that could be manufactured easier and more cheaply.

On a separate note, this points to the need to follow constitutional procedure when changing law and not use decree by an AG as was done by Holder. Reason being the next AG may change the decree as in this case. Same for Obama's Iranian 'deal'. Had the laws been changed by congress and signed by Obama, we would not be addressing this issue, rather we might be going after the real malfeasance in government, sorry, that was  pipe dream.

  • Erich
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Re: Dear Mr. Trump
Reply #2
Some amazing reading on the so called" war on drugs" a total sham