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Topic: Yahoo, Crammer, Manipulation (Read 218 times) previous topic - next topic

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Yahoo, Crammer, Manipulation
One of the biggest reasons I started SilverStocker I because of the destruction of the message boards on Yahoo finance.
The last time they changed the boards was 2003. I can't help but look for patterns in everything related to the market.
Gold was around $350, silver was ready to break $5 and the DJIA and SP500 were making a LONG term bottom.
I believe it is no coincidence that Yahoo chose now to change their format to one that is almost unusable. Right at the beginning of  the second of three major waves up. That would make them 2 for 2. Watch for them to change again, possibly at the next top in gold, sometime next decade (2020-2030)
I feel the SM is about done consolidating, I see a big move coming in 2017. For a while I was thinking it could go higher due to QE, and the lack of any safe place to park all the newly "printed" cash. (inflation).
After making a long term stock market chart, I am not so sure they can get anyone except the gov't to borrow money to create it in the first place. They may have to start dropping it from helicopters to get it circulating.
Just when Joe Retail needs information and opinions the most, yahoo erased 13 years of information, which provided us with at minimum a history of the posters accuracy.
If that were the end of this Idea, I wouldn't bother writing about it.
There have been a few posters that are so consistently wrong about their calls it would be outside of the statistical probability to be that consistent. Just like Jim Crammer on CNBC. I distinctly remember Crammer FINALLY having a piece about how great silver was. That was 2011 at 50$. (see "October is going to" thread in the silver forum)
Does anyone remember sht_house_rat from the old Yahoo ssri board? He was a very intelligent poster that spent something like 8 years putting SSRI down, until he finally came to his senses, and went long SSRI. 2011 of course. Unfortunately all of this information has been destroyed by yahho.
He reminds me of Dadapoo this year on EXK. or SeasonedSpeculator wherever he posts now. These people have some type of "insider information" that they follow and use to disseminate the opposite opinion from what is about to occur.
I wander what dadobee thinks of silverstocker. I know he still lurks yahoo and am sure he is just using an alias. So I know he has been here. It was a simple matter of him agreeing with me that caused me to re-think my position that I could get a better price to buy EXK at. That was May 30,2016. I changed my view and bought EXK the next day at $2.97 with the last of my cash.
He was trying to get my goat and said one time, "Your calls are so bad that You should put 'For Entertainment Purposes Only'  on your posts."
Now in retrospect,  I wish I hadn't driven him off of the yahoo board, as he was a Perfect contrarian indicator. Some things are more important than money, like people.

For Entertainment Purposes Only.

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Re: Yahoo, Crammer, Manipulation
Reply #1
Ed, yahoo is simply an awful company. Messsage board change has zero to do with gold as its a tiny majority of companies being discussed. It is a fact that anything you write via yahoo mail is stored and shares with anyone interested including our governments. That was something I always told people and they laughed until a few weeks ago when they came out and admitted it.
Google, Apple and FB are the other biggies...thats why they get to legally cheat on their taxes.lol

Re: Yahoo, Crammer, Manipulation
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WRT to this thread's manipulation component, I would not be surprised to see a big PM take down within the next couple weeks. It can be done under the cover of some big news like employment report, FED meeting, quadruple witching, etc. giving the pundits all kinds of phony material to do their cover up on business news, MSM and where ever else they deem necessary. Just a thought that crossed my mind and sometimes I think that's a short trip! A little humor for a slow and down day.

Re: Yahoo, Crammer, Manipulation
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Like always, big reversal surprises can happen and often from the big boys post's. OMG and Chicken Little peddling as I see it.
The interesting thing about today is how the Yen, Gold and Silver are playing. Remember when you pointed out how Gold and the Yen ticked together in some relationship and even though it appeared you were talking about something else that Ed provided the chart for, it spawned me to take a historical review of when the yen and gold moved in sync. What I found was a short phase condition that led straight into a very big move for whichever one came out the winner. Right now that looks to be favoring gold. I'm watching for this and should I see it play out that way, I am anticipating a very long and strong run for silver and gold. One can only hope. On another note about 1/3 of the stocks in my Basic Material list have worked into position for advancement. That's a pretty big overall setup and may be pointing towards something big. Watch for it, but we need to watch our backs for the Big Slam as well, but I'm not seeing it that way at this time.

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Re: Yahoo, Crammer, Manipulation
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ed is the inverse trading OG