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Topic: Bio-Path Holdings (BPTH) -- 200% gain potential? (Read 131 times) previous topic - next topic

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  • sn00p 
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Bio-Path Holdings (BPTH) -- 200% gain potential?
A Risk of 10 cents for a gain of 66 cents (up to $1) is what the idea proposes, that is ~200% gain for ~30% risk.

check out this chart please:


Ed and I agree on some things: there is significant volume at .38 and breaking it will be difficult. Ed thinks the run will stop there if it even runs to there. (see his chart linked on the idea of a red ma as resistance, a structure at .38, and a blue MA around .66)

I see the from .38 to .45 is where a huge portion of the volume lies and this being a critical area to get through for significan upside like I want.

I also see 2 diff but similar harmonic patterns that I think can get us up to the B level of either. (shown in the comments of the same idea where I posted ed's chart)

BPTH also passes the PE gap formula and is getting closer and closer to a 5 year low (buy low sell high, right?)

Please give me some feedback on what you see and why I should or shouldn't throw a wad of cash at this.

Thanks all

--xoxo sn00p

  • sn00p 
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Re: Bio-Path Holdings (BPTH) -- 200% gain potential?
Reply #1
up 22% so far today... I couldnt resist getting in now. I have a much larger order placed at .3 if it dips again though

  • sn00p 
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Re: Bio-Path Holdings (BPTH) -- 200% gain potential?
Reply #2
bpth closed another 7.8% up on friday