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Topic: Airbnb (Read 178 times) previous topic - next topic

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Well guys... Ed invited me to make a little post about my Airbnb listing.

Here is our listing:  https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/18579035?s=51

If you have some spare room, or a summer cottage... why not use Airbnb , and put the empty space to work.
Host your space , and use this link to sign up > https://www.airbnb.ca/r/kelbycaitline?s=8&i=

I have been off work for over a year because I have a beard ( Wrongful dismissal lawsuit pending)  With no money coming in, my wife and I had to get creative,  We renovated our unfinished basement, and made an apartment.

We could have found tenants , and had a few offers of 1000$ per month, however we decided to list on Airbnb instead.  In the month of July, our first month, we have Grossed almost 3000$ , and we still have a vacant week available in the end of July.

From unemployed to self employed, now we are looking ahead to buy another property to list on Airbnb add even more passive income.

Incase anyone is planning a trip to the East Coast of Canada,  Halifax Ns, to be specific.  Don't hesitate to book our listing before we are booked solid.  When you use the code word "SilverStocker" in your booking request, you will be eligible for special rewards, and royal treatment.


John (aka Kelby)

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Re: Airbnb
Reply #1
Sounds like a real vacation. I will consider it after the laws change. 8)
For Entertainment Purposes Only.

  • sn00p
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Re: Airbnb
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@JohnGalt777 any news on when the laws go into effect? I'm def looking to make a trip out there :)