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Topic: 2002 Rhyme (Read 232 times) previous topic - next topic

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2002 Rhyme
"History doesn't repeat, but it sure does rhyme." Mark Twain
SilverStocker was started because I needed a place to publish my blog. It was relating silver at the time, Aug.30,2016 when silver failed to break 20$ and hold it to silver's failure to hold $5 in 2002.
I have posed a few charts since then showing silver's progress in following this rhyme.
I put together this chart, showing past thyme in glue, silver's current position in red and future projections in orange.
These are not intended to be exact targets but generalities, more of a direction than exact time or price.
Gold behaved much differently than silver during the 2000's it's move on the weekly is much more orderly.
I'm not sure how gold and the GSR stand up to this model, I will check into that soon.
For now here is what I have.
XAGUSD+.00011 (The fraction gives me another version of silver on Tradeview without erasing my regular silver chart)

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Re: 2002 Rhyme
Reply #1
Mr. Ed, this new chart update/forecast certainly has the feel of authenticity to it~! Thanks so much for sharing what has become a big piece of work.. in progress~


Re: 2002 Rhyme
Reply #2
Thanks  :)
I decided to transfer those numbers onto this silver bear chart, because i like the lines on it.
I plotted the points with orange x and then drew a red line, i made some adjustments to fit the lines but they ende up being near a line so that made it easy.
I noticed whet looks like a trendline meeting a turn, i will see if the line i see meets. I want to post this firat.
For Entertainment Purposes Only.

Re: 2002 Rhyme
Reply #3
That worked out amazingly well. I added a yellow line to show some other key points that stood out, one again the line is not a prediction but a reference to a possible general area.
For Entertainment Purposes Only.

Re: 2002 Rhyme
Reply #4
Ed, your charts of recent have been full of good information, many thanks for posting them. In the silver chart at the bottom of this thread, is a comment by Alec40 titled "Bounce coming in gold and silver". He discusses how he uses Bollinger Bands coupled with other TA indicators to make decisions on trades and determine entry and exit points. He has several charts in the comments section at the bottom with comment balloons in each chart explaining his thoughts. You need to click on the charts to expand them enough to read the balloons. He stated he has more detailed information to post at later dates.

Here is a link to his post: