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Topic: SILVER Indicators (Read 189 times) previous topic - next topic

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SILVER Indicators
You may have noticed that most of my charts do not have any indicators.
I use them occasionally, but if i watch them all the time they get to be confusing as the shorter TF's that we watch makes me get confused as to which  is important. Similar to living near the train tracks, after a while the noise is just part of being there and it has less effect over time.
We are at such a critical point in silver here, the end of February 2017 18$/ oz.
I decided this is a good time to break out the MACD DMI and RSI i can only get 3 at a time with my free tradeview so i will start with those.
I want to get a different look at silver, My next real long term targets are in the 50-100 range.  I have been going under the assumption that this will take as much as 5-6 years. There are several factors making me question this timeline as being too long. It is very possible for silver to do the improbable. I am in silver because i feel the situation is unique, silver is very special as an investment, industrial metal. The US used to have what was called "The Strategic Silver Stockpile"
This is gone and has been for years. The key word there is "Strategic" We still have the SPR .
The continued weakness in all metals since 2011 has diminished new projects.
So i started with the monthly, obviously most important.
The structure in the indicators couldn't be more bullish. You can see that i marked the indicator and the chart with the color that matches. These times are when that indicator matches the structure seen as they stand now.
I couldn't help but notice it appears that a cup and handle is forming.

This is my Trump presidency target 100$ in 2020
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Re: SILVER Indicators
Reply #1
weekly seems like it is very similar to the same time period this chart is for the indicators, the second is the PA in 08

You can see that these 3 indicators have a lot of room before they exhibit overbought characteristics.

the daily seems similar to these structures in the macd
It is kind if hard to read these on the daily. mixed signals but the weekly and monthly should provide the true direction.
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Re: SILVER Indicators
Reply #2
great charts and posts Ed. It is also good to get confirmation of one's long term view to bolster staying power for core positions when dips occur such as Friday's screwy metals up miners down day. Miners will return to their rising trend with increasing metals prices.

Re: SILVER Indicators
Reply #3
These are the key to silver's future.
this is my honest opinion.
In 2020
Gold/Silver Ratio=30
No sense in beating around the bush at this point, the long term view is why a am in silver.

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