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Topic: Chapter 2 I hope this isn't a book. (Read 165 times) previous topic - next topic - Topic derived from I hope this isn't a b...

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Chapter 2 I hope this isn't a book.
So i fixed the fibs, and moved 2 rays down to the poitns with the arrow, the one was easy, it is hitting now the other i chase because it fit PA and the fib.
It would be logical for the DXY to retest the 101 then go to the next fib the 618.
this would mean gold to test the highs and fail as the dxy steps up to the next level..
Silver would then move higher highs on this and come back to test 18
I think this is what i have been trying to say this whole thread.
then the dxy turns at the .618 and finishes it's corretive wave.
this is when gold goes to 1300 as the dxy breaks 100 to the downside
and silver to 20.
The other option is the dxy will only correct to the 500 fib, here but that is a smaller chance by the chart.

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Re: Chapter 2 I hope this isn't a book.
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I broke this post away because it states my outline.
The DXY went straight to the 618 fib instead of going to the 382 first. This is very bullish for gold. as opposed to my first thought.
Instead of gold going up then down, it went down, then up. This is great news as gold should now continue up to test 1240 area, this will allow silver to break 18 in it's way to 1850ish, this is where i see the correction in silver, only back to 17xx but this will keep gold in the 1240-25 range i believe. Once again advancing the GSR lower.
I am confident in todays low in gold with the possible exception of the possible pullback at 1240

You don't see this every day.

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