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Topic: Absurd (Read 724 times) previous topic - next topic

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  • ken
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Re: Absurd
Reply #90

"Let me clean this reply up"...
Interesting topic. Up to a point "Tax" is everyone's rightful responsibility, but we all hate it. I suppose you are dealing with the mobile versus permanent residency definition. What about modular on an above ground basement or partial basement? Getting pretty sneaky here. :D
"What about modular on an above ground basement or partial basement? " Blocks define a home as personal property.
A foundation makes it taxable forever....

I'm not sure if embedded or cemented support columns like you find in basements would classify as a foundation or not. It's a thought.
If they are above ground. There are tie downs that protect the building from sliding off the block foundation. The key is a thick cement pad to place the blocks on.

One final thought under this heading would be to create a steel support frame (I-beams) that the house sits on. I would imagine the framework would have to be bolted. The house is mobile and so is the foundation. The frame acts as support and an anchor. Maybe.
That might qualify as a foundation. Will have to check on that...

  • Nikko
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Re: Absurd
Reply #91
Ken, I made my position clear a while ago...I think once 1260 support breaks, miners will break the Dec lows...I sold all my miners...some for losses. I also went short which is working out. We all have to make our own decisions in the end but my opinion is 1260 breaks and GDX heads below 20.

  • ken
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Re: Absurd
Reply #92
You might be right Nikko.