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Recent Posts

PM Mining Stocks / Re: CPG
Last post by ken -
Looks like it may have been used for a pump and dump. Would not trust it....
PM Mining Stocks / CPG
Last post by sandybeachdave -
Good find Nikko, CPG appears to be a very deep value pick with a good dividend. I am not able to link to their web site, some technical error report comes up, but will have a closer look later. There has to be a reason the stock has plummeted 90% plus last 4 or 5 years and they are looking to downsize some 17% of employees per a September 2018 news release. CFRA (used to S&P) has a strong buy rating on the stock and chart may be showing a bottom formation with short term momentum indicators having turned positive and RSI rising off an extremely oversold value.

PM Mining Stocks / Re: ABX
Last post by Nikko -
looks like a breakout is almost guaranteed in ABX at tis point with 200 weekly SMA being tested. Man, I am getting excited as have a big position here and not even close to taking profits.
On another note I started taking a position in CPG ( oil ) , and buying more into tax loss season.
PM Mining Stocks / Re: Teranga - TGCDF
Last post by sandybeachdave -
I still like this company fundamentally with expansion and exploration funded from current operations, PE around 10, PS less than 1,
PB 0.46, but debt is a bit high around $75 million offset by around $80 million cash. They have a 23% shareholder that is well connected agribusiness man in the region that surely helps navigate government regulations as well as keep management aligned with shareholder interest as a board member.

Chart looks interesting as BB's are pinched nearly to a minimum shown on the chart with the price paint ascending through the band midpoint. The converging support/resistance trend lines are pinching toward an intersection also suggesting a price move soon. with the most recent price action bouncing off support and challenging resistance, the breakout is probably up.

Silver - General Discussion / Re: Silver bottom on FED?
Last post by sandybeachdave -
It looks like silver is at a long term decision point with the price at long term horizontal support. RSI is trending up and fundamental information WRT monetary policy moving more dovish and economic data not supportive of continued growth would suggest investor's decision will be to push silver prices up. Time will tell.

Currencies / Re: DXY
Last post by sandybeachdave -
Many times I do not comment on my charts because I don't know myself what I am trying to say.  An ascending wedge is usually bearish I do believe.

An ascending wedge is supposed to be bearish and the dovish change in fed posture reported this afternoon is also very dollar bearish. I believe we may have seen the dollar top. It might waddle up a little, but it is fighting a losing battle at this juncture IMO. This change could set off the anticipated PM rally, then again it may take another prod or two.
Currencies / Re: DXY
Last post by edthelorax -
Many times I do not comment on my charts because I don't know myself what I am trying to say.   An ascending wedge is usually bearish I do believe.
Currencies / Re: DXY
Last post by sandybeachdave -

Not sure of everything you are getting at Ed, but print is very near the trend lines intersection suggesting something is soon to happen. About 3 hours afteryour post there is news the fed is about to get less hawkish and the market made a huge come back, albeit Dow still negative for the day. If the Fed is going to be more dovish in the form of wait and see after a December hike, that would pull support from the dollar and be PM positive. I doubt this is 'the catalyst', but it could be a precursor. Seems the fed is seeing the light just a little more clearly about their assesment of the economy being strong. Jobs report tomorrow will be interesting.
Currencies / Re: DXY
Last post by edthelorax -
Miscellaneous / Re: Beware of the Stock market!!
Last post by sandybeachdave -
S&P through December 2018

Current S&P chart

Adding a little time to the first chart:

Could be in for a large correction, but it the fed prints profusely, the wealth represented by the S&P500 will drop much faster than the absolute value.

Should have the last chart in the mix with this post.