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Topic: Thie first quarter and several head ups-THE BIGGIE (Read 94 times) previous topic - next topic

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Thie first quarter and several head ups-THE BIGGIE
Coeur had some HUGE results that have not really been  commented on.The Wharf technical report and the large increase in reserves that now give Wharf a 10 year mine life.This was accomplished at minimum cost with a re calculation of data.The past few years Wharf has been the largest source of free cash flow but Wharf was a short mine life.And has produced for three years on previous N43-101
 There didn't seem to be have  potential for exploration-so this bump was a gift and the technical report as i read it stated the perimeter of pit could be expanded as well there may be ore in areas between the pits .Also there is ore at bottom of pit but there is a water issue.
Those results alone should have moved the needle.
The previous update for Palmarejo and Kensington was very positive and Coeurs release of reserves,M&I and inferred only showed deletion from Kensington.
THIS IS BIG-all of results are coming out this quarter.
Then there is the PEA for Rochestor and a tech report on the new crusher system that will raise silver recoveries and extend mine life -already long
Now a few years ago Rasmussen's team found grade like the old days of Nevada and near the pit.ONE big problem IT was under some infrastructure. Part of this new plan is moving and rebuilding existing plant
The conference call had Krebs chomping at the bit to release ahead of schedule but he put the tease on the table.
The big bonus of that find of high grade  is that it jumps the long que of lower grade resources and opens up a new area.
First quarters have not been the strongest,costs are rising for 2018 due to fuel and Wharf moving 4 million tons of waste to get to ore,weather sabotaged Rochestor last year with heavy rains that effected heap leach.
Silvertip will be a slight drag to quote KREBS .The rise in gold prices is positive  and will mitigate energy rises
But the dollar is falling against peso  and canada dollar.
The success of Palmarejo in terms of free cash flow has been dramatic but it wiped out Mexican Tax Credits
 So for the year Coeur will pay about 35 million AND HALF IS DUE IN FIRST QUARTER 17.5 MILLION