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Topic: earnings-how much or how little (Read 109 times) previous topic - next topic

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  • edmund 
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earnings-how much or how little
i have stated earnings are a signpost of companies health estimates are set ups for resentment and knee jerk reactions
i try not to advise when to buy or sell except on rare instances that coeur has been driven to absurd levels or when positive momentum has taken coeur to a unrealistic market cap-then i have advised buying puts as insurance
We used to have an accountant from a large corporation that posted his numbers
i can report a large put position  eight times normal was placed recently
A recent example of out sized move after earnings was coeur dropping on 2016 4th quarter earnings not meeting expectations due to delivery and payment-this was not a production problem and would just add to next quarters earnings-the computers kicked in a cascade of selling and a very steep uncalled for drop
i had posted ahead of earnings that 4th quarters historically had inventory overhangs because of winter weather in Alaska,Christmas  and in this case  an impossible to figure in advance,January pickup of gold by Franco-
These delays of payment effected 4th quarter and yearly profit but nothing had really changed but Coeur cascaded down
So here we are again expectations of high revenues based in production and strong gold will it be.03 that i just read as a fund estimated while putting out a sell or .14 high of another
.Then although small,the recent sale of stock by insiders and the over sized put position recently established
my question marks
Effects and costs of future sale of San Barts
Costs of purchase and expenses accrued with purchase of Silvertip
Tax savings at Wharf and Rochestor using NOL's
Exchange rates both Canadian and Mexican
G+A with addition of Silvertip
Interest on Revolver-

  • edthelorax
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Re: earnings-how much or how little
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I can't comment on your post as you know WAY more than I do.
I do have a chart,
The chart reminds me of a pot stock i own.

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