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Topic: Huge strides- (Read 108 times) previous topic - next topic

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  • edmund 
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Huge strides-
Kensington this year has produced 80,000oz's through 3rd quarter-coeur has stated it will hit lower end of guidance of 120,000 ozs
Thatleacves 40,000for final quarter-thats 50% of three quarters production in 4th-that's a big revenue number
The reason they feel they can do this is Raven high grade of.35-.40% oz per ton along with development ore from Jualin-sounds ambitious and 4th quarter weather can raise havoc with shipment -all by sea.
Then you have a strong quarter coming at Palmarejo with  production that ramped up 70% last quarter at indepencia 1800tpd and its 39% royalty free, add also the inventory left from 3rd quarter
Then rochestor should start feeling the effects of high grade gold put on leach pad in third quarter-lower costs,diesel,dynamite with pre stripping ended-Drilling has ended at preciosa-and Wharf is set to reach guidance of 90-95,000 gold ozs-
Hopefully they source third party ore of high grade for Bolivia and start benefiting from reduction of labor..
Shipping and getting paid has specifically created inventory overhangs in 4th quarter
Tomorrow, for those interested Northern Empire and Strategic metals have presentations live at European precious metals summit
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