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Topic: What does Coeur know-that there is a big bad deposit out there (Read 124 times) previous topic - next topic

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  • edmund 
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What does Coeur know-that there is a big bad deposit out there
Lets start this with the assumptions from Coeurs presentation and i'm not comfortable with the zinc /lead pricing. In the last year zinc has jumped to 1.40 from 1.00 and lead from .90 to 1.13-For coeur to use these instead of a three year avg-seems optimistic on base metals but eaves them open to a big hit in revenue with a pullback -so hopefully forward sell the base metals.
Next Coeurs rush and throwing 35 million into optimizing and development.This on top of their generous price including another 50 mill in performance targets.Why pay so much for a 7 year mine life and then phrase distal that rasmussen used at conference call came to mind. I looked it up as used with CRD deposit and found it used more than several times in  2011PEA-Distal as to crd deposits mean on horizon of a much larger higher grade feeder system or series of chimneys leading to the feeder.
After Preciosa purchase and so much energy put into cleaning up books to seemingly overpay for a 7 year mine life didn't make sense.Krebs also called this a cornerstone mine-
JDs built this to sell and sellers always leave room on the table to make the buyer look good to their shareholders-
What info on this deposit did Coeur see while doing its due diligence-
What did JDS leave on the table that impressed Coeur into leaving another 50 million  in performance payments and to throw 35 million more into the mine and take on their 15 million in debt.NOT A SEVEN YEAR MINE LIFE