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Recent Posts

Last post by Erich -
Bought another 3.3% today...tomorrow I finish off my buying. Bought at 9.95 today
Nice buys. Miners holding up surprisingly well considering the PM beat down today. I have decided not
to add to my SSRM holdings at this time due to my limited internet access starting next week.
Long SSRM and cash.  ER
Miscellaneous / Re: Absurd
Last post by ken -
Scanned over the article. As it is, I am one without any confidence in the Fed. I think most people with a eye on finances have the same opinion. The system will be fixed after the current system collapses. Ugly thought but that's the reality of this dire situation.
Last post by Nikko -
Bought another 3.3% today...tomorrow I finish off my buying. Bought at 9.95 today
Miscellaneous / Re: Absurd
Last post by sandybeachdave -
The link is to a spot on article about the fed. After reading it you might be a bit frustrated, but the alternatives might even be worse, kind of fits the adage of dealing with the devil you know is better than dealing with devil you do not know. The whole system is rigged against the citizen it is supposed to serve; ABSURD!

Silver coming down as you predicted Ed, good call. It seems to add credence to my DXY post suggesting the dollar might strengthen, but in that post I poo poo'd the thought thinking it was not in the interest of the elite, although PM's coming down is in their interest. Yesterday, I wrote October $12.00 covered calls on a sixth of my PVG holding. If they are called this Friday, I make a 30% plus profit. My PVG allocation is too high at the moment.
Silver - General Discussion / Re: Oct8,2017 silver possible bottom
Last post by edthelorax -
Silver came down to test the 50/200MA Golden Cross!!!!!!
Also attempting a proper retest of the orange.

Currencies / Re: DXY
Last post by sandybeachdave -

DXY may be signaling an unexpected by me, short to midterm deviation from the major swoon taken since the first of the year. Over the last couple months, an inverse head and shoulders pattern has been painted. If the value gets above the horizontal resistance line, it could be in for a solid move up possibly to the potential target zone identified by the last significant trading range. A personal caution, I do not hold a lot of confidence in HnS trading patterns, but it is there. BB's are positive as well with the midpoint trending up.
Countering the potential move up is MACD suggesting upward momentum is petering out but not totally dissipated. Fundamentally, a strong dollar is just what we need to bolster the wealth of the middle class and all individuals storing their wealth in dollar denominated assets, but that is not how the elite see the picture. They want liquidity even if they have to print it. The new dollars have no wealth other than what is stolen from existing dollar holders. The elite want inflation. For some perverted reason they think it is better for consumers to buy at higher rather than lower prices, but consumers are fighting that looking for sales, using coupons, and ordering from Amazon. Consumers must be crazy wanting the most for their dollar; NOT! Bottom line, counter a potential move up is the interests of the country's elite. They will likely get their way, and that is PM positive.

EXK - Endeavor Silver Corp / Re: Taking a chance
Last post by ken -
Thank you Sir. I currently hold a position in it. Down 3%.
PM Mining Stocks / Re: BTG
Last post by sandybeachdave -
It seems like me posting a positive missive on a stock is cause for it to tank thereafter. BTG is down 3.5% right after I burst into print. Still, it is a good company with a good story and if folks are buying, they get  better price. Always an upside!
EXK - Endeavor Silver Corp / Re: Taking a chance
Last post by sandybeachdave -
The stock took major hits on the last two earnings reports, but then so did a lot of other PM stocks. They do not give rational explanations for both production and financial misses and AOSC is just under current silver price. I am not a fan as I do not see any forward plan for fixing production problems, no identified incremental production associated with increased exploration and development expenditure, and generally no enthusiasm in the reports. Charting from the August lows would probably look pretty good, but going back further would require more esoteric charting techniques. Ed did that and made a good bottom call earlier in this thread.

USAS and SMTS are similar small producers in Mexico that have identified expansion plans and or exploration success they have identified with upbeat management describing their company's future. USAS is prediction doubling production with commencement sometime soon. I have positions in both of them and think much more highly of them than EXK' One thing EXK has going for it is its production at near current silver price. A small increase in silver results in a large percentage change in profit which could and should move the share price with more amplitude than the other two examples. I do not like the risks associated maintaining current production at current cost to take that chance. Good luck.