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Aftermath Silver

This might be explosive as in addition to properties in Chole and Argentina, they just bought a large copper silver project in Peru for a song. Sprott has a a very large position via his charity and other ownerships. Moriarty has an article:

Aftermath Silver:  AAGFF  -  AAG.V

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Aftermath is another silver explorer on Ed's posted spread sheet that I have a small position. In the post above, there is a link to information where they have added some 126 million ounces of silver in Peru bought from SSRI for less than 9 cents an ounce with  700 million ounce of copper as a free kicker. Something about the deal does not pass the smell test as SSRI management is not stupid and this looks like a stupid sale by them. Sprott is not stupid either and he holds a very large Aftermath position. None the less, Aftermath has enough resources to be of interest for a mid tier producer with need to expand mine life.

Shares are down a little today, but the price is higher than the recent August peak, so something is going their way.

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The post above has some information on this outfit, but the chart is amazing over the last five months. Since early October nearly all PM stocks have had a meaningful correction. While Aftermath had a small drop, they are trading well above the typical August Peak. I am biased holding a position, DYODD.