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I must have done something right in a past life or something.
I spend a LOT of time searching ebay's penny listings for deals and unattributed errors.  There are some minor errors that are not well known but worth some big bucks. One of them being a 1943 steel cent with a doubled die obverse.  Basically, it can most easily be seen as an extra wideness in the tail of the 9 in the date.  I still have a hard time understanding why anyone would pay 1 to 5 times as much just because the 9 is fat. I think it's dumb but to each their own. 
PCGS has graded 51 examples of this variety. As opposed to about 14, regular 1943 pennies.
The variety can be seen here. Click "view more images" to see more images.  The bottom coin is not the variety. If the owner knew, they could go to PCGS and get reimbursed at the market value of the grade on the holder. The prices are at the bottom of the link page.
1943 1C DDO FS-11 (18.97) (Regular Strike) Lincoln Cent (Wheat Reverse) -...
I edited the link to show the variety, not the normal strike.

The best deals and rip-offs come with poor photos. I saw this and bought it for practically nothing. It got lost in the mailand I had given up after 6 weeks in Pbugh and a USPS "investigation." 

Well, guess what showed up unharmed last week.  Not only were they in as good of a condition as I hoped, maybe even better.
I can only guess what PCGS will say on a good day. (They won't be told to look at it as an error. Just another of the 14, steel Philly mint cents they've seen.)
Here are the pictures of 2 of the coins in the 1 coin lot.  The images were done through the celo. of new flips so there may be a spot of debris in the images that isn't on the coin.

Second coin

For Entertainment Purposes Only.

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Good find Ed, even if the absolute sum is small, it still fees good to cash in. I have a quart jar full of copper pennies, some fairly old and a few odd mercury dimes; maybe I should take a close look for a jackpot.

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The top pic won't enlarge. The others aren't there.