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The more I look at this company, the more intriguing it becomes.


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HANNF is an interesting early stage exploration company with very aggressive management. Their current business model is to pursue their theory for copper with a PM kicker in eastern Peru by acquiring a huge acreage position (186,900 hectares) in the sweet spot and using a farm out (what we called it in the oil field) agreement to process about a third of the land package. Their agreement with Japan Oil and Gas calls for $35 million expenditure (more than current company market capitalization) to accomplish this in exchange for up to 75% interest. While a farm out is a form of dilution, the company has financed de-risking a third of their holding, potentially a good trade as HANNF would consistently be cash strapped to de-risk themselves. They do plan to explore a 27,800 hectare prospect on their own. At this time, the only 'whale' invested in the company is Japan O&G, but Quinton Hennigh is onboard as a technical advisor.

Mining is a long way off so share price appreciation will have to come as a result of product price appreciation and news releases of success developing their theory. The charts are remarkably bullish with a catch of two gaps, one in December 2019 that marked a transition from very little trading interest that may not be relevant and a second recent one at $0.26 to $0.27 this past November that has a reasonable chance of getting filled. I doubled the MACD parameters to smooth the curve noise.

It is a risky but potentially reward investment, it has already nearly been a ten bagger over the last year and a quarter. DYODD

Link to recent company presentation:



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HANNF has not performed as well as I expected especially with the advance in copper prices but the chart suggests it may be setting up for a major move up. BB width is near a minimum and MACD is also very low, both suggesting a move is soon expected, probably up. The pesky gap down to $0.26 formed in late October last year is still open and has a reasonable chance of being filled. I am watching this company a little closer for potential additions, mainly considering the open gap as a potential minimum price. The post above gives more company detail and has a link to a presentation.


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I think HANNF may be looking good here as it has broken decisively from the down trend and is near the bottom of the up trend channel. It is has financed exploration via farming out about a quarter of their acreage. One hiccup is the open gap around $0.26 during late October last year.


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HANNF is similar to AAGFF That Ed posted about recently. It too may be reflecting its potential and in my opinion is doing more to process its acreage toward actual mining, albeit through property interest dilution to attract investment funds.

Chart is looking a little better, still not rosy.


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This is one of those that you have to be in before the move. Looks like it likes to move 30-40% in a day or two and then sideways for a few months.
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