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Memorial Day

I hope everyone has a good Memorial Day given our unfortunate Wuhan virus circumstances. Even though things look really screwed up, we live in a great country that is relatively free and this holiday is the set aside time to pay respects to those who gave the ultimate that we might enjoy the fruits of their sacrifice. We truly need to be appreciative and thankful.

Re: Memorial Day

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As we picnic, party, barbeque, or participate in sports or family gatherings this day, please take a little time to remember that freedom is not free and many have paid with their lives so that we can live free in our wonderful country. Also remember that there are some very strong forces within our borders and in the halls of government that want to change away from our freedoms and founding traditions, change they cannot get via the route prescribed in the constitution. Be aware and evaluate with your own analytical skills before supporting a cause, our country is lacking individual thinking and getting caught up in group think way more prevalent than we realize. Memorial Day is a good time for a little pondering as well as being thankful and supportive of our great nation and its heroes.

I hope everyone has had a safe and great extended holiday. May the summer usher in profitable trading and investing for all.