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Silver vs SP500
When silver out-performs the stock market represented by the S&P500 can be shown much easier with this chart. When the ratio SPX/XAG goes up stocks are better, when it goes down silver is better.

You can see that the ratio has broken below the supporting trendline. This is a sign that a turn in favor of silver has occurred. The first chart has what is called a Fibonacci retracement tool which shows that the ratio has retraced 61.8% of the way back up to the 2000 high. 61.8 comes from the golden ratio and is one of the stronger retraces. .382 and .500 being the other 2 strongest.

The fact that the ratio is now below it's high of 307 in 2000 says that over all, you would be better off now if you had put money in silver in 2000 VS stocks. (about 500% for silver vs 200% for stocks. (obviously not taking dividends into consideration)

The shorter timeframe chart shows what is called a double top, which technically isn't a valid pattern until the low between the 2 highs (purple line at 156)  is broken. Similar to the the double bottom of 2011. If it does break the purple the target is 112 shown by the lower pink dotted line. This is also a 50% retrace of the move up from the 2011 low. The more indicators that align, the more likely the projection is to come to pass. Also of note is the blue moving average 50 day crossed below the 200 day in red. This is called a "death cross" and is another signal of a change in trend to the downside.

You can see the breakdown and re-test of the lower orange support trendline.

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Good charts. Thanks for that!

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