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Some to look into...

With what I'm watching right now these stocks are experiencing investor interest. Check them against their Money Flow Index. All, at some point, may be forming up bottoms. GL.

Re: Some to look into...
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A couple companies that some in our community might be interested in are EMX and DNGDF. EMX is primarily a royalty company but it is also a project generator. A project in Russia was just sold and closed that resulted in $65 million for EMX that is not yet reflected in stats on Webb pages. DNGDF is a bit different in that it is a fee for service business model processing ore for small miners in Peru. They have had steady increase in customer base and throughput and have aggressive growth plans. Both companies have good looking financial statistics shown on Yahoo and DNGDF just started paying a dividend that should calculate out to be around 2.5% per year. HBM was also looked at but it has debt equal to about 80% of market cap. Other than that it looks decent.

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I bought a small position in EMX today for a $1.29. Whenever the statistics get updated to reflect the recent closing for the mine sale, their cash position will be 70% of current market cap.

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Re: Some to look into...
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For Entertainment Purposes Only.

Re: Some to look into...
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I took a small position in Gran Columbia (TPRFF) based primarily on the charts and a quick look at some ratios on Yahoo statistics page. I do not like the location of there mines or the debt, but charts and numbers are good. I will look into it much more before taking a meaningful position.

Moving averages are 50, 100, and 200 day with bull orientation colors ordered as a traffic signal

Re: Some to look into...
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Gran Columbia has performed very well over the last 4 weeks with 50, 100 and 200 day moving averages in full bull orientation.

Share price has nearly doubled over the last five months and it is tracing along the upper BB. It is looking very good on the charts.

They have a high grade about a half ounce per ton UG mine with lots of near term upside growth. The operation is in Columbia, next to Venezuela, but world bank rates the country pretty well for doing business. According to company presentation, there will be income tax cuts phased in over the next several years. Company is paying down debt that currently is not too burdensome and growing cash position at the same time. I might look for an opportunity to double up my small position on a dip.

Re: Some to look into...
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Mag Silver (MAG) might be a Mexican silver miner to consider. They have 44% of a Fresnillo operated lucrative mine that is scheduled to come on line in a year and a half at 4,000 tons per day and initial mine life of 19 years with great exploration potential. Here is a link to the recent company presentation:


Share price run up has been remarkable painting a golden cross earlier this month. Share price is dragging the BB's up and tracing the upper band while the lower band is being traced by the 50 day MA. Seems like a good story except for the massive run up might need a little pause for a while.