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USAS 3-23-17

In response to Nikko's question about USAS technically, i can't chart it as USA.CA so here is USAS.
Although I have faith in the co. i see $2.36 as a potential low. this is 3.14 or so CAD.
Earnings should come out soon, and even though i think they will be good, if they are not, it would be entirely possible to take it below 2$ US.  This would also be possible if silver and gold retrace the last move up, as the weakness in miners would be exaggerated on any PM weakness.
The chatter is that a lot of the USD and hence gold's direction will depend on US politics and the healthcare reform.
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Re: USAS 3-23-17

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Earnings season has been brutal on share prices this year and I would expect anything less than stellar numbers along with positive guidance will be met with sell now ask questions later attitude. DRGDF is the latest of my holdings to be taken to the wood shed. It is not so bad, I am still adding to my portfolio.

Re: USAS 3-23-17

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